On March 20, 2019, the Kinki Branch of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan was renamed the Kansai Branch of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan.
The Kansai Branch (the former Kinki Branch) was established in 1941 as one of the six branches of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, and has contributed to the development of pharmaceutical research and education in the Kansai region. With the aim of contributing to the advancement and dissemination of academic research in pharmaceutical sciences in Kansai, the branch will provide opportunities for Kansai Branch members and pharmaceutical researchers, working in Shiga, Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, Nara, and Wakayama prefectures, to present their research results and participate in seminars and training programs. Currently, the Kansai Branch has about 3,300 members.



2024 Board Members 
Branch Director Shuji Akai Osaka Univ.
Vice Branch Director Hiroaki Kato Kyoto Univ.
Vice Branch Director Jun Takeuchi Ono Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
Accountant Hideaki Kakeya Kyoto Univ.
Accountant Shunji Aoki Hyogo Medical Univ.
General Affairs Tsutomu Nakamura Osaka Medical & Pharmaceutical Univ.
General Affairs Masayoshi Arai Osaka Univ.
General Affairs Yukihiro Kuroda Mukogawa Women's Univ.
Auditor Kenji Yamawaki Shionogi & Co., Ltd.
Auditor Katsunori Tsuboi Sumitomo Pharma


(1) Symposia

Kansai Regional Meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan
Annual meeting of the Kansai Branch

  • One-day meeting including oral and poster presentations
  • Around 1000 attendees
  • Plenary lectures and Invited seminars
  • Award for Excellent Oral and Poster Presentations

Kansai Symposium on Pharmaceutical Sciences: The Power of Young Chemists

  • One-day meeting
  • Around 100 attendees
  • Invited lectures

The Synthetic Organic Seminar for Young Chemists

  • One-day meeting including poster presentations
  • Around 200 attendees
  • Invited lectures
  • Award for Excellent Presentation (eight awards for poster presentations)

(2) Lectures

Seminar Open to the Public
Seminar focused on one topic for the public including pharmacists

  • One-day seminar
  • Once or twice per year

New Year Lecture
Lecture for the members of the Kansai Branch

  • One-day seminar
  • Once per year

Overseas Researcher Lecture

(3) Educational Programs

One-day Trial of Home Medical Care

(4) Awards

Kansai Branch Award, the PSJ for Young Scientists
Award for achievement in innovative and breakthrough research, selected from each of the four research fields. Includes the invitation to lecture at the Kansai Branch Annual Meeting.


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